Sent on Sunday, March 15, 2020

Dear ECLC & Gesher Families,

We have been following the updates coming different organizations and from the school districts. With Fullerton School district’s decision to shut down for the next two weeks we feel morally obligated to take part in what we understand is a protective fence in order to reduce the spreading of the illness. We want you to be aware that we are making this decision with a heavy heart because we understand how challenging this is for our families but we also understand our moral responsibility in this difficult time.

TBT’s ECLC and Gesher will be closed this week, March 16-20 and will be closed as planned for our spring break March 23-27. We plan to resume classes on Monday, March 30.

We also want you to know that over the next week you will be hearing from us. You will get short clips every day from your children’s class teachers wishing them a good day and maybe a short story or inviting them to do some in home activities. We are still working on that but as we make the decisions we are thinking about how to keep in touch with you.

Please check your class dojo for updates as well.


Natalie Wirtzer, ECLC Director
Rabbi Nico Socolovsky, Rabbi
Rachel White, Community Organizer

Sent Friday, March 13, 2020

Dear TBT,

We are writing to share with you an important decision made today by our Temple leadership. Please read all the way to the bottom of this letter.

As we are all aware, we find ourselves facing a completely unprecedented situation. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us all to make difficult decisions which might affect the people we know and love. We are faced with many questions including the following:

How can we best protect the vulnerable members of our community?

What changes should we make to the ways we function as a community, and when should we make those changes?

For those of us who draw strength and courage and inspiration from coming together as a community, when is our need to come together outweighed by health concerns?

Here at TBT, we want to make these decisions based upon the best possible information, and with the utmost concern and compassion for our members and our community.

The latest expert wisdom is that while we cannot prevent the pandemic from coming, we may be able to slow its arrival which can make a huge difference in the impact on our local healthcare system.  Our best scientists tell us the only thing that will slow the arrival of the virus is to implement “social distancing,” immediately.  We all need to avoid meeting in large groups, as much as possible…as soon as possible.

Accordingly, we have decided to temporarily suspend all gatherings here at TBT beginning tomorrow, Friday, March 13, until further notice. This includes all services, classes, and non-essential meetings.

The only exceptions to this rule will be Gesher & ECLC whose programs will occur as normal as to aid the families in the TBT community as much as possible.

Cancelled programs include:

Date                    Name
Friday, March 13 Family Shabbat
Friday, March 13 Dress-Up Shabbat
Saturday, March 14 Chavaya
Saturday, March 14 Torah Study
Saturday, March 14 Shabbat Morning Services
Saturday, March 14 Man of the Year: Honoring David Trachtman @ TBS
Sunday, March 15 Table Tennis
Sunday, March 15 Cans & Bottles
Sunday, March 15 Yoga
Monday, March 16 Mahjong
Tuesday, March 17 Mahjong
Tuesday, March 17 Mosaic Class
Wednesday, March 18 Ulpan + Confirmation
Wednesday, March 18 Bridge
Wednesday, March 18 Jewish Seekers Class
Thursday, March 19 Mahjong

We want to emphasize that our life as a community will continue!  We will continue to host Shabbat services online via YouTube and Facebook live for those who wish to attend in spirit, but services on campus are cancelled. We are working to put more opportunities online.

If you need support, or know someone who is in need, please contact the TBT office. We are here to help.

Finally, if you want to help, please let us know – we need help with community outreach, food preparation and delivery. If you would like to contribute your assistance or funds to aid in the support, please click here to give.

There will be much more information soon to come, but that’s it for now.  Please feel free to email Rabbi Nico or Ronnie Sue Henderson or the TBT Office with any thoughts or questions.


Temple Beth Tikvah and Rabbi Nico