The Jewish tradition is founded on respect for those who have died and on providing comfort to those who are grieving. Temple Beth Tikvah provides comfort, support, and guidance to those who are bereaved. We also encourage our members to turn to our clergy and staff for advice on the practical matters and ritual surrounding death, burial, and mourning.

Our Rabbi is available to officiate at funeral services and unveilings for TBT members and their families, and are also available to guide families through the traditional mourning rituals in the days that follow burial.

Temple Beth Tikvah Cemeteries

As a Jewish congregation, we gather as a community at every milestone. This includes the passing of family members and friends.

Temple Beth Tikvah members have two options for burial of Jewish loved ones. Both locations maintain the same high standards.  Note:  Price subject to change – contact office for details.


Annual Memorial Service:

Mount Olive Cemetery

In the tradition of our ancestors, we gather inside the hallowed gates of our congregation’s cemeteries to recite psalms, prayers, and personal memorials during the Days of Repentance between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur. Services are conducted by Rabbi Socolovsky accompanied by voices of the TBT Choir.

Yom HaShoah Service

Shoah Memorial Garden at TBT

Date:  April 11, 2018

We will honor the memories of our loved ones who perished in the Shoah, our beloved departed whose graves we cannot visit. Please join us to honor the memories and legacies of those we will always remember.