Chavaya School

Our Youth Education program is called “Chavaya”- experience– for a reason. At TBT, we believe in a collaborative, hands-on approach to learning, where each child is encouraged to question, create, play, build kehilah -community- and explore.

What to Expect this Year:

This is the year that matters most, and while we cannot yet physically be together, TBT is working to be present for our families during this time.

Classes will be virtual (Zoom) for the time being, and by re-imagining our curricula and implementing interactive technology like JiTap, our team of educators will work to ensure a collaborative and engaging learning space where each child feels connected to their Chavaya community.

We have expanded our educational offerings to include a variety of opportunities for children and families to participate in high-level Jewish Education.

Chavaya & Ulpan

B’nai Mitzvah


Teen Beit Midrash

Shabbat Club

Torah Scholars