Caring Committee

We are community,  we see you. The caring committee is a group of people dedicated to accompany and be present for members of our community in times of need. From a grocery bag and hospital visits, to a wellbeing call or a meal train after a surgery or major life event- you are not alone.


TBT has received a COVID-19 EMERGENCY IMPACT GRANT from the Orange County Jewish Community Foundation to provide essential goods/services to our most vulnerable members - those in need and families with young children.

A network of TBT volunteers has been mobilized to: facilitate outreach with enhanced remote learning, worship, and support; partner with the TBT Caring Community Committee to assist in securing groceries and other household necessities & help those with limited access to technology (enhancing participation in services & congregational programs);
and lastly, the grant will support future needs as they continue to emerge.

If you or someone you know could benefit from support funded by this grant, please let us know.