It’s Time For Purim at TBT!

On this festive holiday there are four Mitzvot that the Jewish people should fulfill:
1. Reading/listening to the Megillah Esther (RSVP for our Hamilton Purim Spiel!)
2. Sending Mishloach Manot, or gift baskets
3. The Seudah, or festive meal
4. Matanot La’evyonim, giving to the poor

In fulfillment of this Mitzvot of Mishloach Manot and Matanot La’evyonim, Temple Beth Tikvah will be hosting a Mishloach Manot fundraiser to send special Purim treats to participating congregants. Any donations above and beyond the costs of the packages will be donated to our Effective Giving Campaign in partnership with the World Union for Progressive Judaism.


How Does it work?

Step 1: Sign up to receive a Mishloach Manot Package!
All congregants interestested in receiving a Mishloach Manot Package from TBT will need to sign up to put their name on the list of recipients by Tuesday, March 8thMishloach Manot cost $36 per recipient household/family.

Click HERE to put your name on the list of recipients to receive a mishloach manot package from TBT.

Do you want to sponsor another family’s name to be placed on the recipient list?  You can do so by adding their name on the sign up form linked above!

When you sign up you will also be able to indicate the type of Mishloach Manot you would like to receive:

  • Family Friendly (Alcohol)
  • Family Friendly (Non-Alcohol)
  • Adult Only (Alcohol)
  • Adult Only (Non-Alcohol)


Step 2: Send a Mishloach Manot package to your TBT friends!
The recipient list will be published on Tuesday, March 8thEven if you did not register your name as a recipient, you can still sponsor to have your name added to a participating congregant’s personalized Purim Greeting in their Mishloach Manot package from TBT. Sponsor Mishloach Manot packages Tuesday, March 8th through Tuesday, March 15th.

You will have three options for adding your name the the Purim Greeting:
1. Add your name to select Mishloach Manot packages for $18/recipient household
2. Add your name to all Mishloach Manot packages being sent for $360
3. Reciprocity: Do you want to ensure that your name is added to the package of those who send you a Mishloach Manot? You can select the “Reciprocity” option on the Mishloach Manot campaign form that will be sent out on March 8th and your name will automatically be added to the Purim Greeting of those who selected to have their name on your Purim Greeting ($18/recipient household).


Step 3: Mishloach Manot Packages will be available for pick up from TBT March 16th-18th or delivered to your home!
Be sure to let us know how you would like to receive your Mishloach Manot when you register as a recipient!


Volunteers Needed!

TBT will be in need of volunteers to assist with this Purim Mitzvah. We will need volunteers to help with:

  • Mishloach Manot Package Assembly on Thursday, March 10th & Friday, March 11th
  • Mishloach Manot Package Delivery

Click HERE to volunteer or contact Rachel White at

All funds raised beyond the cost of the Mishloach Manot will go towards TBT’s partnership with the Effective Giving Campaign of the World Union for Progressive Judaism!

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