We don’t explain the rockets coming from Gaza with the situation in Sheik Jarrah. The unjustifiable behavior of a marginal right wing group such as “Lehava” does not justify Hammas’ terrorism or the acts of violence in the Cities of Lod and Akko.

Something historic was about to happen, after the Abraham Accords, for the first time Arab Israeli parties were going to support the consolidation of a new government in Israel.

Hammas life is sustained by divisiveness; the accords and the willingness of Arab Israelis to take active part in the government were a threat to its existence. Hammas needs conflict to survive!

And so, Hammas actively looked for an opportunity to escalate and bombarded Jerusalem, the same city they claimed they were defending. However that wasn’t enough and so they agitated youth groups in the skirts of the arab society to go out to the streets and threaten the entire society…

In the meantime hundreds of rockets have been shot (by Hammas) to the south and center of Israel, people have died, people have been physically and mentally wounded. The hope for a better partnership in the governmental level for Arabs and Jews has become painfully distant.

​​​​​​​We hold to Israel’s right to defend itself and we acknowledge that that defense takes a toll not just on the terrorists but also on the lives of civilians in Gaza. We are grateful for the IDF not just for protecting Israel’s physical integrity but also for protecting the moral integrity of the Jewish State.

We pray for the wounded,
We pray for the mourners,
We pray for our security forces,
We pray for the restoration of normality.

U’fros aleinu sukkat Shlomecha, cover us with the shelter of Your peace, may we have the courage to denounce violence and destructiveness and may we become partners in building that shelter of peace.


Video: The Iron Dome in Action

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