Amelia is an animal lover and activist with 3 special needs cats. She loves to learn all types of science, especially anatomy and biology. In her free time, she reads as well as participates in an animal rights club for teens. She hopes to one day run an animal shelter for special needs pets. When she is interested and passionate about something, she tends to pour her all into it so she can be successful. Amelia wants to help with environmental issues and special needs animals who shelters cannot take. She wants to be an advocate for animals who do not have a voice.

Amelia is excited that becoming a Bat Mitzvah will allow her to participate in more services at TBT. She looks forward to utilizing the skills she has acquired from her study to hopefully be able to chant Torah in the future. She also wants to take more of an active role in the community events TBT hosts, such as next year’s Mitzvah Day.

Amelia’s Torah portion is Miketz, which tells the story of Joseph from the time his brothers sold him as a slave to the time he accused his brothers of stealing. This Torah portion is meaningful to Amelia because she can relate to Joseph feeling different from others.

Amelia loves the community here at Temple Beth Tikvah. She appreciates all the great friends she has made here and also appreciates the fact that she can keep in touch with them over quarantine. Amelia enjoys celebrating holidays at TBT. Some of Amelia’s favorite Jewish memories are playing dreidel with her family every year during Hanukkah and celebrating Shabbat at the Jewish day camp she attended in Tucson, AZ.

For her mitzvah project (the Kitten Kit Project), Amelia is collecting supplies to create kits to give to foster parents who are fostering kittens. Click here to learn more information.

If you would like to support Amelia in her mitzvah project, please consider purchasing an item off of her Amazon Wishlist to be donated to new kitten foster parents.

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