Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC) Community Preschool

E.C.L.C. is more than a school.  We are a community of parents, children, teachers and staff that come together in creating an enriching experience for our children and providing a safe, nurturing environment for them to grow.  With a focus on Jewish values and traditions, we incorporate diverse cultural backgrounds into our daily routine and strive to build a community that is compassionate, cooperative and respectful. 

We provide parents peace of mind knowing that their child is being cared for just as they would at home – with warmth, wisdom and laughter.  

Our “whole child” learning approach encompasses the areas of social, emotional, physical and intellectual development for every child.  By using developmentally appropriate, hands-on, playful learning experiences we nurture the development of language and motor skills, foster confidence and independent thinking, and  teach students to be respectful, empathetic and think of others around them. Our teachers and staff are committed to taking a personal approach to every parent and child, creating an environment that instills confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

ECLC COVID-19 Update: 

We understand that the health and safety regulations for schools and businesses in CA regarding COVID-19 are continuously being updated. As it stands, childcare facilities and preschools such as ECLC continue to remain essential businesses serving our community. It is our intention to remain open unless otherwise advised by State Licensing and County Health Officials. We will continue to operate with the new health and safety procedures currently being implemented in our school.

For a sneak peak into a day at ECLC with these new procedures, please see this video:

Next Available Enrollment Opportunity: October 5th, 2020
Space is limited. If a class is full, parents have the option to place their child on a waiting list.

*All tours are virtual until further notice

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