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Caring Committee

We are community,  we see you. The caring committee is a group of people dedicated to accompany and be present for members of our community in times of need.

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ECLC Community Preschool

E.C.L.C. is more than a school. We are a community of parents, children, teachers and staff that come together in creating an enriching experience for our children and providing a safe, nurturing environment for them to grow.

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TBT Sisterhood is dedicated to providing women of all ages opportunities to establish and foster lasting friendships.

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Gesher Afterschool Program

Gesher is TBT’s response to many families that can’t access a Jewish Day School, but want to provide high quality Jewish education to their children.

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Men’s Club

TBT Men’s Club offers men of all ages opportunities to establish and foster lasting friendships and to support the Temple Beth Tikvah congregation and the greater community through mitzvot and group events.

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Shabbat Club

Get ready for Shabbat with our Youth Engagement Coordinator, Itai Armony. Meet friends and dig into the weekly Torah portion with stories, games and an interactive Kabbalat Shabbat.

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Shabbat Services

We believe that  prayer, meditation, music and joy are bridges that help us deeply connect with ourselves, with each other and with God. Shabbat Services are every Friday at 6:30 pm and every Saturday at 10:00 am.

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Kol Tikvah

Kol Tikvah is more than a choir, it is the voice of our congregation. When they sing it enhances our prayer experience, bringing us to new heights.

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Tot Shabbat

Geography is no longer a barrier to experiencing Shabbat with your loved ones! Join this young family Tot Shabbat once a month on Friday and connect with your children & grandchildren for a meaningful Shabbat experience.

Chavaya & Ulpan School

Our Youth Education program is called “Chavaya”- experience– for a reason. At TBT, we believe in a collaborative, hands-on approach to learning, where each child is encouraged to question, create, play, build kehilah -community- and explore.

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Torah Scholars

Do you want to gain a deeper knowledge on the source of Jewish laws & traditions? Then this class is for you!

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Torah Study

Every Saturday at 9:00am. See details and Zoom link on the calendar.

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Confirmation is a space for post Bar/Bat Mitzvah teens to engage in meaningful conversations which explore the way that their Jewish Identity shapes their everyday lives.

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Seekers- Intro to Judaism

If you’re looking for an introductory course on Judaism that is meaningful, exploratory, thought-provoking, and relevant, look no further than Temple Beth Tikvah’s Seekers class hosted by Rabbi Nico and Rabbi Daniel.

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Teen Beit Midrash

From a foundation of Jewish text and tradition, teens will continue  to engage in discussions on mindfulness, ethics, social justice, environmental awareness and more.

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Mitzvah Day

On Sunday, November 15th, we had over 40 members of our community participating in various mitzvah projects both at home and at TBT.

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