TBT Tikkun Olam – Thanks for Volunteering!

Bottles & Cans
TIKKUN OLAM needs your help this Sunday, February 18, at the TBT youth lounge starting at 10:30 A.M. You will be helping us empty, crush and bag cans and bottles for recycling to secure tzedakah money for those in need at TBT. Temple Beth Tikvah volunteers do this every third Sunday of the month. Please be sure there is no trash/liquid inside the recyclables & please double-check that  the items are marked with a CA Redemption Value. Please contact Gary Gruber (garygruber@sbcglobal.net) or call him at 714-319-0030 or call the Temple office to volunteer.
TIKKUN OLAM would also like to thank the following for volunteering this past Sunday to help with the Mitzvah Meals project: Sue Rosen, Jacqueline Fogel, Linda Nelson, Anthony Cipriano, Bill & Judy Robins, Felix Livits & Gary Gruber.


Join our Mitzah Corps!

Temple Beth Tikvah and Pathways of Hope:
Temple Beth Tikvah and Pathways of Hope have begun a new partnership to create exciting opportunities to engage in true “Tikkun Olam”.
Temple Beth Tikvah and Pathways of Hope:
Food Distribution Center: Wednesday, December 13th, 1:00-4:00 p.m.  We need 4 volunteers. Sign up HERE.
Contact the Temple office to volunteer:
  • Food Distribution
  • Volunteer Professional Services
  • Tutoring/Story Reading
  • Collect & Prepare Food
  • Room Turnover
 Repairing the world begins in our own community.
For information on joining us please contact the Temple office or Gary Gruber at 714-319-0030 or at garygruber@sbcglobal.net.