TBT is Different

When looking for a synagogue to call home, you want to choose a place that shares your dreams for yourself and your family. You are busy with life’s day-to-day demands and need a place to anchor yourself with others that share a common purpose.

For fifty years Temple Beth Tikvah has been that anchor for Jewish families in Orange County, CA. It is a place you can take a few moments each week to disengage with your work and think about the deeper meaning of your life. It is a place you can connect with the person sitting next to you at services by putting your arms around another as we welcome the new week ahead. It is drinking a cup of tea with a friend and sharing your trials and tribulations. It is where you can stand alongside a friend and prepare meals for the homeless in our community. It is where you can teach your children compassion and Jewish values. Our job in membership is to facilitate you in your Jewish journey.

Talk to us. Meet with us. Find your place.