A Letter From Henry Cohen

TBT Temple President

After a visit with some Israeli friends recently, I gained a new perspective on life. Here were people that have Hezbollah rockets in Lebanon aimed at them, tunnels from Gaza and a nuclear build up in Iran. What are they worried about? The future of American Jewry.

They worry about us because we are not worried enough about ourselves. We don’t seem to care that we are fading into the secular mass and don’t participate in synagogue life.

When I retired in 2007, I committed myself to Jewish causes. I have been active in the Jewish Federation, Hillel, AIPAC and now TBT. For me, TBT is more than a social club with services for sale.

It is the future of our Jewish community. I marvel at our Tot Shabbats and Chavaya youth education programs on Saturdays. I love to hear adults wrestling over Torah or learning to chant in Hebrew. It warms my heart to see families working together on Mitzvah Meals serving those less fortunate in our community.

But our community is not complete unless you come. There is something completely unique about each of you that helps color our Jewish experience. We welcome you with open arms and hearts. Contact me anytime. Let’s find a place for YOU to call home.


Lauren Simon

Past President
Cindy Jacobson

Executive Vice President
Ronnie Henderson

Treasurer Vice President
Henry Cohen

Marty Baker-Jordan

Education Vice President
Evelyn Bell

Facilities Vice Presidents
Les Sussman
Marvin Goodman

Membership Vice Presidents
Anna Livits
Allison Dotan

Operations Vice President
Steve Belasco

Programming Vice President
Lynette Northcutt

Publicity Vice President
Stella Burkat

Religious Practices Vice President
Mark Silverstein

Tikkun Olam Vice President
Gary Gruber

Ways and Means Vice President
Alyse Kirschen

Youth Vice President
Becky Boren

Sisterhood President
Bobbie Lansman

Men’s Club President
Jay Weinschenker