High Holy Days 2021/5782

Each year we aim to make the High Holy Days a time of spiritual transformation, communal connection, and personal reflection. What makes this year’s High Holy Days special is that our individual homes will become extensions of our spiritual home as our clergy and team stream soulful music and inspirational sermons from TBT into the minds, hearts, and souls of those watching from TBT’s campus or their individual homes.
All are welcome to pray and learn with our community at no charge by tuning in to our livestream via YouTube and Facebook Live.

A Message about High Holy Day Services

Fellow Congregants,

Given the loosening of CA State Covid guidelines for indoor gatherings, Temple Beth Tikvah has decided that this year, High Holiday Services will be held in a hybrid manner so that some congregants can attend in person in the Temple, on-line using Zoom (for those who cannot attend in person but will have part in the service), and on-line using Facebook and You Tube.

With our precautionary limitations on indoor seating and our available resources to provide these hybrid proceedings, we are requesting that all who wish to attend the TBT HHD services in any manner provide the Temple with an RSVP as to their intentions regarding their chosen or planned attendance mode.

This RSVP is particularly important if you wish to attend in person as your response will enable us to provide you with a security identity badge ahead of time and to verify that we do not exceed the seating limitations in the building. We are also requesting that everyone who does choose to attend in person be prepared to show their proof of vaccination certificate. It should be noted that with our attendance limits, those who will be participating in the service will be given priority with regards to in-person admittance.

Note that masks will be required at all times indoors.

As been stated each week for this past month on our on-line Temple Tidbits page, anyone wishing to participate in any manner from blowing the shofar to leading a prayer to chanting Torah, is invited to advise Tammy Aclander at the Temple office as soon as possible.

Finally, given the challenges we are facing in providing these HHD services, it is requested that everyone consider making a HHD contribution to the Temple of at least $36 per person in addition to your dues commitment.

Respectfully yours,
Lila Pesner and Steven Belasco
VP, Religious Practices

How to Join & RSVP

If you are already a TBT member:

You have Zoom access to all High Holy Day services and programs as part of your membership. Click here to RSVP for the High Holiday Services.


If you are NOT yet a TBT member or would like to renew your membership, please join now!

Being a member of TBT not only gives you Zoom access to the High Holy Days, but also makes you part of our community all year long. There are membership options to fit every family configuration and budget, and no one is ever turned away for financial reasons.

If you are a friend or guest of a TBT member and are interested in attending High Holy Days,  please consider supporting TBT with a financial contribution.

You can still be a part of TBT’s High Holy Days services if you are not a current member. We kindly request that you register for our HHD Services & donate to the sustenance of TBT.

Our services will be available to join both in person and online. You will be able to connect with us through ZOOM, YOUTUBE & FACEBOOK. Experience the community, uplifting music, inspiring sermons, and warmth that you have come to know as the High Holy Days at Temple Beth Tikvah. Your home will be an extension of our Sanctuary and our Sanctuary is your home.

Click on the above image to see the Schedule of Services for High Holy Days 2021/5782.

Yizkor Book

Much like last year, this year also requires creativity when it comes to sharing the memory of our beloved ones with the community. For that reason at this time our Yizkor book will be developed in two formats:

1) A slide show that will be presented before Yizkor services

2) An online booklet that will be available for you at any time that you want to revisit it.

Click on the above image to see how you can add your loved one’s names to the Yizkor Book or Slideshow for 2021/5782.

HHD Greetings

Submit a personal message to be shown during the High Holy Days Service and showcased on the HHD Homepage. Send in your simchas, greetings, well wishes or acknowledgements!

For more information and to submit a greeting, click on the above image. 

HHD Gift Bags

Pick up a High Holy Day Gift Bag from TBT on Saturday August 28th at 6:30pm

TBT will be hosting a Selichot and Havdalah Service beginning at 6:30pm and we encourage you to join us. If you are available to stay for the Selichot dinner and service, please be sure to RSVP for dinner separately.

Gift bags are funded by the COVID-19 Emergency Grant from the Jewish Community Foundation Orange County

For more information and to RSVP for a gift bag, click on the above image. 

Rabbi Nico's High Holy Day Sermons from 2020/5781