A unique approach to Jewish education

Remember going to Hebrew School and not knowing how to speak anything beyond your memorized Torah portion, or giving up soccer practice on Saturdays and coming away not really appreciating anything about Jewish culture?

Temple Beth Tikvah offers a completely unique approach to change the vision of what Jewish religious education should look like in Orange County. Our program is known as Chavaya which means experience. From Preschool through 12th Grade children will be immersed in:

  • Learning and Living Jewish Values
  • Hebrew through Culture and Conversation
  • Weekend Shabbatons
  • B’nai Mitzvah with Meaning
  • NFTY Teen Leadership Engagement

TBT believes that the synagogue is an extension of the family. Together, with your children and grandchildren, you will engage in Shabbat, festivals, community, and Torah in a whole new way. Renew your own Jewish connection as your children learn to appreciate their unique heritage.