Beit Midrash – House of Study

Temple Beth Tikvah is the definition of a learning community. We offer courses year round, on weeknights and weekends. Our course titles will intrigue you. Our teachers will inspire you. Our courses will challenge you to think in new ways about not only the history but also the future of the Jewish people.

TBT offers classes on Torah, Hebrew, literature, history, and the arts. Each year, academics and rabbis visit Temple Beth Tikvah to offer lectures, teach classes, and serve as scholars-in-residence.

For more information, please call the Temple Office for Upcoming Events. 714.871.3535

Shir Hadash which means A New Song, is a social group that gathers people together who appreciate both the history and melodies of the Jewish people. Come learn, sing and experience with us.  If interested, contact : for a calendar of upcoming events.

Popular reoccurring Courses de:

Lunch and Learn – Join us for our monthly Lunch & Learn with a catered meal followed by a stimulating lesson by Rabbi Nico.  We meet following services on the second morning Shabbat of each month.

Community Scholar Program – Visiting scholars from across the country share insights on Jewish art, history and politics.

Hebrew and Adult B’nei Mitzvah – Learn Hebrew (beginning and intermediate  and conversational). Check the calendar.

Thinking Judaism with Rabbi Nico – You are invited to join as we journey through some of the principles of Judaism, including Theology/Philosophy, Jewish Texts, and Our Land and our Peoplehood.  Contact the Temple office to sign up or for more details. Join us at any time! There’s always room for more!

Special Events – Join Rabbi Nico at the JCC on Thursday evening, October 26th 2017 for a special round table discussion. Check the calendar frequently for special events. 

The Asa Center Library

Located in our Library Beit Midrash, the Asa Center Library supports adult learning at Temple Beth Tikvah with a variety of books, periodicals, and videos of Jewish content available for loan.






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